How it Works

    Our AlldayInternet device works as portable WiFi which will enable you to connect up to 5 devices like laptops, phones, iPads, tablets, PSPs, etc… simultaneously. You will be able to surf the internet through the Spanish 4G/3G network without paying exorbitant roaming costs.

    • Small, light and easy to carry.
    • Stay in touch with family and friends through Skype, WhatsApp...
    • Update your trip on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...
    • Connect yourself to 5 different devices simultaneously: iPhones, Androids, Windows8, laptops, iPads, tablets, PSPs, etc.
    • 4G/3G coverage in most of Spain.
    • Avoid unwanted bills by disconnecting the roaming option.



    Reserve Now

    In just 3 easy steps you can reserve our device and be connected to the internet while in Spain. All you have to do is inform us of your arrival date, the date that you want our service to begin and your return date. We will send you an AlldayInternet device that you will have at your disposal.

    Pick Up

    When you check into your hotel, a package will be handed to you with your AlldayInternet device. From that moment you will be able to surf the internet in Spain. We can also send our device to companies or private homes.


    Very easy to use. Just turn on the AlldayInternet device and look for AlldayInternet WIFI in your iPhone, Android, Windows8, laptop, iPad, tablets, PSP, etc. Connect yourself to it by introducing a password that you will find on the package. Once connected you can surf the internet in Spain.


    In the package you received at your arrival, you will also find a self-addressed stamped envelope to put our AlldayInternet device in once you´re finished with it. Put it in a mailbox and that´s it. If not, ask the hotel receptionist if he or she can take the package and give it to the mail carrier. You can also send the package at the airport, as every Spanish airport has a mailbox. If you wish we can send you a map with the site of the mailbox of the airport which you are flying out of .

    * Logo of the Spanish Postal Service and photo of a mailbox.

    • All day Internet in Spain. Rent portable wifiBook Mifi in Spain and stay connected to Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter en España.
    • En tu viaje a España, gracias a nuestro Wifi portátil estarás siempre conectado a internet
    • Llama por Skype por internet a tu familia desde España sin pagar roaming

    Save up to 95%

    By disconnecting  the Roaming option you will avoid being overcharged by abusive internet costs. From 5 Euros a day and up to 5 people using our device simultaneously.

    Easy to Use

    Just turn on the device and connect yourself to our portable WiFi.  4G/3G coverage in 95% of Spain.

    Whatsapp, Skype

    Facebook, Twitter… keep  in touch. Google Maps, Wikipedia… keep yourself informed of where you are and where you´re going.


    If you´re travelling to Spain for work or pleasure, AlldayInternet allows you to stay connected easily and cheaply.


     Download our App and book a pocket portable Wifi in your holidays in Spain. Rent a MIFI and stay connected to internet in Spain. No roaming.

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