In this section you will be able  to find answers to our customers´ most frequently asked questions.


    Frequently asked questions concerning  delivery of the device.

    • Delivery at hotel reception

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      From the moment we receive your order for "AlldayInternet in Spain", we will send out the device to your hotel.  All you have to do is ask at the reception desk and they will give it to you.

      Very important!  When you order our product, remember to tell us under whose name the hotel has been booked as the "AlldayInternet in Spain" package will go to that person.

    • Delivery at a company

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      Please indicate the name and the company that the "AlldayInternet in Spain" package should be sent to.

      From the moment we receive your order for “AlldayInternet in Spain”, we will send the package to the person and address that you have indicated.  It could be yourself or another person that you have indicated.


    • Delivery at Holiday Rental

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      If you wish to send the "AlldayInternet in Spain" package to a holiday rental, it is your responsibility to pick the package up yourself.

      When the courier comes to your home and if you are not present, the courier will take the package with him and it will be your responsibility to pick it up at the courier´s office.

      You will be able to track your order by checking our App on iPhone and Android.

    • I haven´t received the device

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      We trace all our orders along with the courier company. We are very concerned to make sure to give you a date and time for the reception of your order.

      In 90% of cases, when the "AlldayInternet in Spain" package is sent to a company or hotel, the package will arrive the day before in order to guarantee proper reception. Furthermore, at any moment you will be able to track your order by checking our App on iPhone and Android.

    • The device has arrived damaged.

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      In the unlikely event that  the "AlldayInternet in Spain" device has arrived damaged due to transport, please let us know as soon as possible by calling our helpline 902.123.480.

      We will send you a new one, at no additional cost, within the next 24 hours.


    In this section you will be able  to find answers to our customers´  most frequently asked questions regarding the devices use.

    • 4G/3G Coverage in Spain

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      Our “Alldayinternet en España” device uses a 4G/3G card from a Spanish operator.

      At "AlldayInternet in Spain" we work with Spain´s largest 4G/3G operator. Therefore, with "AlldayInternet in Spain" you have the best coverage available in urban and rural areas.

    • Deactivate Roaming

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      Do I have to deactivate the 4G/3G and roaming option on my phone or tablet?.

      Yes. Our "AlldayInternet in Spain" works through WiFi, so we strongly recommend that you disconnect the 4G/3G or roaming options so when you get home you aren´t unpleasantly surprised by a huge bill by your local operator.

    • VoIP: Skype, Viber, etc ...

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      Can I call my businessor family through the voice IP?.

      Of course! This is one of the great advantages of "AlldayInternet in Spain". Call home, family or friendsthrough Skype, Viber, etc…

      Stay connected. You can also use message systems such as Whatsapp, Messenger, etc…

    • Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, …

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      Will I be able to use Whatsapp, Facebook or Twitter while I´m on vacation in Spain?

      While on vacation in Spain you will be able to use your favourite web pages or apps, like Facebook, Whatsapp, Google Maps, Wikipaedia, Skype, Viber, etc…

      All you have to do is connect yourself to our "AlldayInternet in Spain" Wifi and you will be able to surf the net just like at home.

    • Battery Charge.

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      With your “AlldayInternet in Spain” device you will also find a recharger enclosed. Just as you recharge your phone at night you will be able to do the same with the "AlldayInternet in Spain" device.

      The "AlldayInternet in Spain" device can be left on all day, but if you don´t want the battery to run out we recommend that you turn it off when its not in use. It turns back on almost immediately allowing you to surf the internet in Spain.
    • Can I continue to surf the web?

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      Yes.  You can either contract 1GB or 2GBs, which we recommend if there´s going to be more than one user on "AlldayInternet in Spain".

      If you exceed the bandwidth you contracted, you can continue to surf the web, but the speed will decrease from 7.2 Mb/s to 128Kb.  This speed is enough to be able to read your emails and view web pages, use Apps such as Whatsapp but not enough to use Skype or view videos on Youtube.


    Frequently asked questions regarding the return of the device.

    • Return in a Mailbox

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      Before returning to your country, you must put the "AlldayInternet in Spain" device in a self-addressed stamped box that was provided for you. All you have to do is put it in a mailbox. You can ask at the hotel reception where the closest mailbox is.

      When we receive the package you will be informed by email or you can check our App available for Iphone and Android. Upon reception our contract will have terminated.

    • Return at the airport

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      You can send the package at the airport, as most of the Spanish airports have a mailbox.

      If you wish, you can check in advance if a mailbox is available and get a map of its location from the airport you'll be departuring by checking www.aena.es (Click on Terminal Tab, click on Other Services Menu and click on Post Office).


    • Return at the Hotel

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      Ask the hotel receptionist if he/she can give the package to the mail carrier. Keep in mind that if we do not receive the package, you are held responsible, not the hotel receptionist.

      In any case, should there be a mishap, we will contact the hotel and see if we can recuperate the "AlldayInternet in Spain" device.

    • I forgot to return it

      Icon 07In case you should forget or are unable to return the "AlldayInternet in Spain" device and you have taken it back with you to your country, you must return it to us via courier at your expense.

      Keep in mind that you will be charged extra for having the device with you for more time than was contracted.

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