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    If you like hiking you may have heard in recent times of the Caminito del Reyenlace (King’s little pathway). It is considered the world’s most dangerous walkway and is pinned over the river Guadalhorce, along the steep walls of Gaitanes gorge, located in the province of Malagaenlace. If you love adventure, adrenaline and don’t feel vertigo, this famous walkway will be reopen to the public on 28th March after a long closure of over a decade. Several walkers died on this pathway and therefore became known worldwide as a deadly pathway. However, 6 million euros have been invested on the refurbishment which has been focused on providing security to walkers. If you wish to experience this itinerary you will have to book online through the Booking Web of Caminito del Reyenlace. Take note that only 400 people can walk at the same time across the pathway and on the first week the website received over 30.000 bookings.

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    Although in recent months the Caminito del Rey has been a focus on all news about hiking in Spainenlace, the country has 32.000 approved hiking itineraries for travellers. A total of 60.000 kilometres, spread across the entire territory, are perfect for enjoying nature and the most diverse landscapes of our country. You will find pathways in main Preserved Areas and National Parks in Spainenlace, like Picos de Europa (Asturias, Cantabria and León); there are also 27 short pathways to visit with the family, 2 longs pathways and 4 high mountain routes. Hiking with snowshoes is another beautiful experience as well as the famous Ruta del Cares.

    What about the Camino de Santiagoenlace? (Way of St. James) Located in the north of Spain, you will find hundreds of kilometres for hiking which belong to this famous pilgrim’s route. We recommend the route known as the “French Way”, which has already been mentioned in a previous post dedicated to the Camino de Santiago; this walkway starts in Roncesvalles and ends in Santiago de Compostela. If you don’t have enough time for all the journey (800 kilometres divided into 30-31 stages), you can also discover many beautiful itineraries in Navarra, La Rioja, Burgos, Palencia, León, Lugo and A Coruña.

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    In the Basque Country, you can find the forest Bosque Pintado de Oma, located in the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve. This is a magical place to practice your favourite sports as well as a wonderful landscape. In Burgos you can’t miss the walkway Cañón del Ebro, a circular itinerary of 15 kilometres and medium-level difficulty and goes along one of the most famous rivers of our country.

    Located in the Spanish Central System, Sierra de Gredos, between Salamanca, Cáceres, Ávila, Madrid and Toledo, includes lagoons and spectacular gorges; this is a natural experience caused by glacial erosion and there is an interesting hiking network. The ascent to Pico del Mira, accros Los Galayos, is one of the favourite routes for hiking lovers.

    The Valencian Autonomous Community includes an interesting set of pathways forming the so-called “Via Augusta”; an experience to enjoy this sport while discovering traces of the Roman Empire in Spain. If you travel to the Canary Islandsenlace, we recommend you visit the Teide National Park, a beautiful adventure to enjoy its impressive volcanic landscapes. Include the pathway to the Pico del Teide which starts in the White Mountain.

    rent mifi in spain and stay connected to internet

    Add your Wifi connection to your backpack and enjoy the best Hiking Apps

    Do you already know the way to stay connected to the internet on you hiking trip to Spain? AlldayInternetenlace enables you to rent a portable Wifi, a small pocket router known as “Mifi”, which allows you to stay connected to the internet 24/7 anywhere you are, including during routes and excursions. Rent now Wifi in Spainenlace and you will receive the package upon your arrival to the country. You can share AlldayInternet’s Wifi connection with your devices (laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android, eBook, video console…) or share connection with your travel partners.

    Thanks to AlldayInternetenlace you can use your favourite social networks, share hiking pictures, search information for the trip, communicate with friends and family… This device also avoids expensive roaming charges in order to stay connected outside your home country.

    Organise your rucksack, trainers, and download the following apps which will be very useful for your excursion: OruxMapsenlace, load your tour and check near routes from other users; Wikilocenlace, one of the favourite apps for walkers which enables you to check the route average speed, gradient, and other interesting aspects about the route; Rain Alarm, provides information at all times about the weather forecast; Google Sky Maps, a GPS on your Smartphone; and GeoCachingenlace, a game to be played with other walkers and consists of hiding and finding “treasures” during the trip.

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