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    Have you already chosen an accommodation for your next trip to Spainenlace? We are sure that you have included Wifi as one of the most important services in order to choose accommodation. What is your opinion in relation to the internet Wifi you used on your last trip abroad? Did you use an optimal and secure network?

    Aware of the need of having an optimal and secure connection on your trips, AlldayInternetSpainenlace allows you to stay connected to the internet 24/7 in Spain, inside and outside the hotel or the place you have chosen to stay.  According to a recent research carried out by the web hoteles.comenlace, Wifi has become the most demanded service by guests worldwide, before any other service: Breakfast buffet, bath products, minibar, terrace or balcony, room with views, and even turndown service or a telephone in the bath offered in best luxury hotelsenlace.


    The traveller 2.0enlace looks for a comfortable and pleasant stay as well as benefiting from the advantages provided by technology which are even found at homes. According to the same research, 23% of travellers request 100% technological rooms, for a good Wifi service and make use of the remote to graduate lightning, TV or air conditioning, cutting-edge tablet service with tourist and useful information regarding the destination.

    In regard to Wifi service at hotels, the truth is that the wireless connection is still quite disappointing and over 50% of travellers consider the service insufficient. Saturated networks, poor connection signal, unsecure public network or only having internet in common areas are only a few complains provided by users. Another aspect that should be included: What happens when the foreign tourist leaves the accommodation but wishes to stay connected?

    rent mifi in spain and stay connected to internet

    If you travel to Spain and you wish to make use of internet 24/7 anywhere you are, avoiding expensive roaming charges in order to stay connected outside your home country and with the possibility to use signal with all your devices simultaneously, we recommend you rent a Mifi (portable Wifi) because it is an innovative service that can be found at the hotel and from only 5 euros per day, you will have an optimal, secure and comfortable internet connection.

    Book internet Wifi in Spainenlace while booking your flight or accommodation and you will receive your Wifi Package at the hotel reception upon your arrival. Important: You have to indicate the name of the holder of the hotel room booking because AlldayInternet Wifi Spainenlace package will be sent to the attention of this person.  The hotel staff will provide you the wireless modem along with the room key, parking card or indications regarding the hotel. Now you are ready to surf the net in Spain inside and outside the hotel. You only have to disconnect 3G/4G in all your devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone, eBook, video game console…) without paying roaming and having the alternative to share Wifi signal with up to 5 travel partners simultaneously!


    Did you know that hotel chains like Silken Hotels already provide this Wifi service inside and outside the hotelenlace to its clients thanks to an agreement entered into with AlldayInternetSpain?

    The following video shows you the complete process in order to have Wifi 24/7 in Spain inside and outside the hotel, beginning with the booking and finishing with the return of the Wifi package at the hotel reception when checking out. The person in charge of the reception will be responsible for delivering it to the postman to be returned to us:

    rent mifi in spain and stay connected to internet

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