Wifi 24/7 in Spain for travellers. No Roaming.

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    87% of travellers worldwide use their smartphoneenlace when travelling abroad, and 44% of travellers stay connected to the internet with their tablet. These data belong to the traveller 2.0 which is a new way to travel by taking advantage of technology and social networks, mobile apps and experiences from other tourists and have become key tools on many travel experiences.

    Spain Mifi

    If you are planning your next trip to Spain, AlldayInternetenlace provides internet connection 24/7 without roaming in Spain. Rent a Mifi in Spainenlace and avoid unpleasant surprises on your next bill and unwanted roaming charges that have already ruined the holidays of many travellers. You can surf the net anywhere without being dependent on saturated networks found at hotels or unsecure Wifi networks in public places like restaurants, bars or stations. Are you thinking about including a portable Wifi routerenlace to your trip? We suggest you book a rental Mifi in Spainenlace while booking other important aspects for your trip. The Mifi is lightweight, small-size, ideal to be carried constantly and will become your inseparable travel partner.

    At present, 77% of tourists visiting Spain check the weather forecast online, 55% read hotel and restaurant recommendations, 75% use email, 57% check maps and geolocation apps. Are you part of this group of tourists? If you are reading this post you are surely part of the vast majority of people in need of having a constant internet connection on the go which allows you to communicate with your family and friends and have access to tourist information regarding your destination.

    rent mifi in spain and stay connected to internet

    is an innovative Wifi rental service in Spainenlace, which provides connection up to 8 devices simultaneously or if you prefer you can share Wifi connection with up to 8 travel partners during your holidays.

    Disable data option 3G/4G on your devices and stay connected to your personal Wifi at the hotel, beach, excursions, main monuments and tourist attractions in Spainenlace, as well as across the city. Don’t forget you pocket wifi for travellers!

    AlldayInternet portable Wifi is very simple to useenlace
    . Book your internet connection without roaming in Spain and you will receive the package at your home address a few days before departure or the package can be waiting for you at the destination hotel or accommodation. Turn the Mifi on, look for Wifi AlldayInternet signal on your laptop, tablet, iPad, iPhone, Android, PsP, eBook… and surf the net anywhere and anytime you need. In order to return the Mifi you only have to leave the package at the hotel reception or carry it with you and a courier will be in charge of picking the Mifi up at your home address.

    roaming spain

    Have you ever found so useful to check google maps in order to find your itinerary, have access to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to publish travel pictures, use apps like google Translate or look for the best restaurant or a relaxing dinner and tasting the Spanish cuisineenlace?

    If you wish to share with your family and friends some famous places like the Sagrada Familia in Barcelonaenlace, the Alhambra in Granadaenlace or the Mezquita of Cordobaenlace, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbaoenlace or the Museo del Prado in Madridenlace, a walk across Las Ramblas, an excursion to beautiful towns like Ronda or spectacular beaches like La Concha in San Sebastiánenlace; you better choose the Mifi technology.

    Did you know that thanks to AlldayInternet every traveller stays connected to the internet worldwide during their trips? Do you remember how much you paid on your last bill including roaming charges on your holidays abroad?

    rent mifi in spain and stay connected to internet

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