We Answer the Most Frequently Asked Questions from Travellers about our Wifi for Tourists in Spain

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    If you are about to book our Wifi service for foreign travellers or travellers on business in Spainenlacewe recommend you read this post where main questions regarding AlldayInternetSpain are answeredenlace. You will find the steps to be followed in order to book our service, device delivery upon your arrival to our country, as well as useful questions such as 3G/4G coverage, battery or what to do when data contracted has been already used and you wish to continue surfing the net during your stay.

    AlldayInternetSpainenlace offers you an innovative Wifi rental service which is very simple to use and perfect in order to save money on you internet connections in Spain and enjoy from an optimal connection at all times and place.

    How do I book the AlldayInternetSpain Mifi?

    It is very easy. Click the link Book Now! Your Wifi in Spainenlace and in only two steps you can book your Mifi in order to stay connected to the Internet without roaming charges in Spain. If you have a discount you should not forget to include it into the booking section. Then include your destination and dates you wish to start and end the service. Select the amount of devices you wish to book, delivery address and if you wish to have an additional service like 1,5 or up to 10 additional GB, additional battery, a charger for the car or an insurance. Introduce the necessary data to carry out the payment and finish the process.


    I would like to know my booking situation. How can I do it?

    Of course; you can keep informed of your booking situation at all times, you can ask us via telephone 902 123 480, via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , use our communication channels and social networks, or the most comfortable way: The App of AlldayInternetSpainenlace. The App of AlldayInternetSpain can be found in Google Play and App Store and will help you monitor your booking and solve any doubts in relation to the rental process, use and return. Our notification system will inform you at all times.

    How is the delivery service carried out?

    You will receive your AlldayInternetSpain Wifi the first day you rent the service. If you have chosen your hotel as delivery destination you should ask at the reception desk and they will provide it to you. Don’t forget to include the name of the person who booked the room because the package will be sent for that person. If you prefer to receive the wifi package at a holiday apartment, company or private address, you have to include the address and name of the person who will receive the package. In case the courier brings the package to the stated address and there is no answer, the courier will leave a delivery note and you will have to pick it up at the closest transport office at any time you can.

    rent mifi in spain and stay connected to internet

    What if I have problems with the Wifi reception or is damaged?

    We are very concern as well as the transport company that delivers the service that all packages arrive at the destinations on time and in a perfect condition. In 90% of cases, AlldayInternetSpain Wifienlace arrives even one day earlier to hotels or companies where clients wish to receive the device. In the unlikely event Wifi is damaged or not in an acceptable condition due to transport problems, you should let us know as soon as possible by calling 902 123480 and within the next 24 hours you will receive a new device, free of charge of course.

    How good is the coverage of AlldayInternetSpain Mifi?

    Our wifi for tourists offers 3G/4G coverageenlace with a card from a Spanish operator. We collaborate with the largest telephone company of Spain therefore you will have all guarantees for an optimal service in 95% of Spanish territory including all urban areas and most parts of rural areas.

    What do I have to do in order to avoid roaming in Spainenlace?

    AlldayInternetSpain Mifi works through Wifi therefore don’t forget to disconnect 3G/4G data in all your devices before starting to use the service. This way you will avoid future unpleasant surprises in the bill upon your return back home.


    Can I use the service Voice IP, instant messaging, apps and social networks?

    Of course! In fact this is one of the biggest advantages of this way of staying connected to the internet on your trip to Spain. AlldayInternetSpain will enable you to call your house, relatives, and friends via Skype, Viber or similar apps. You can also use instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat at any time you wish, stay connected to your favourite social networks to share your trip experiences in Spainenlace, or keep informed with the help of your usual travel apps.

    How do I change the battery of the AlldayInternet Wifi?

    Along with the portable modem you will also find a wifi package with a charger, so every night or whenever you wish you can charge the battery on the device. Tip: If you want to make sure you will have full battery to use the Mifi on the go, you should turn the device off when it is not in use. It turns rapidly on and therefore it will take no time to be used. Moreover, if you wish you can book and additional battery charger for the car.

    Can I continue surfing if I have consumed the contracted data?

    Yes; when you book the service you can select 1 GB or 2GB (recommended if you are going to share the portable Wifi signal with your travel partners). If you consume the contracted data, you can continue using the internet however speed will decrease from 7,2 Mb/s to 128 Kb, a speed which will perfectly let you read the email, visit websites, use messaging apps, etc.

    rent mifi in spain and stay connected to internet

    How do I return the Wifi package of AlldayInternetSpain?

    Before going back home you have to make sure you return the portable Wifi in perfect condition. You have to package it in a prepaid box provided by us and leave it in the closest post-box or at the hotel’s reception desk and the staff will send it to us with a courier. We will inform you via email when we receive the package. You can leave it at the airport because all Spanish airports have post-boxes.

    What happens if I forget to return the device before going back home?

    In this case, you should contract a transport company and send the Wifi package to Spain as an urgent delivery at your expense. Keep in mind you will be charged extra as you have kept the device more days than the ones contracted. In this case, you will have to pay the penalty.

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