Wifi for tourists in the Spanish Gastronomy Capital 2014: Vitoria

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    Great Basque chefs like Diego Guerrero, Juan Mari and Elena Arzak, Pedro Subijana, Karlos and Eva Arguiñano or Martín Berasategui, among others, have been the main guarantees to obtain the award. Vitoriaenlace has received the Spanish Gastronomy Capital 2014 in a ceremony held a few days ago at Cibeles Palace in Madrid. The competitors were left behind: Valencia, Huesca and Sant Carles de la Ràpita (Catalonia).

    By choosing Vitoria as the Spanish Gastronomy Capital 2014, the jury composed by members of the Spanish Federation of Tourism Journalists and Writers, members of the Spanish Federation of Hotel Industry and several catering experts from Burgos – Spanish Gastronomy Capital 2013 – have wanted to reward the tradition of Basque cuisine which can be found in our travel guide to San Sebastiánenlace as well as their proposals for the future.


    Vitoria holds the European Green Capital award due to its commitment with the environment and a sustainable culinary program is expected to be organized under the name Green Gastronomic Weekends combining environmental projects and the quality of Basque gastronomy. You can choose among all accommodations found in the city, enjoy a lunch or dinner and discover the city during a tourist visit also including the best restaurants.

    Wine lovers are lucky this time because Vitoria will delight visitors with wine tasting and enotourism activitiesenlace regarding to Alava Txakoli Certificate of Origin, the famous white wine from the Basque Country and the Certificate of Origin from the Rioja region.

    Do you recognise the gastronomic products from Alava which will play a relevant role in the Spanish Gastronomy Capital 2014? Vitoria boasts foal meat from Zalmendi, pinto beans from Alava, potatoes and honey produced in Gorbea, Olive Oil from Arróniz, the famous Idiazabal cheese or black truffles. All these products are delicious and of a very high quality. Local restaurant owners plan several tourist and gastronomy events in order to be known for all these delicacies. You will want to taste every one of them!

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    Gastronomy in Spainenlace
    attracts thousands of tourists every year. If you have never visited Vitoria you should not miss this opportunity now. You can note down several gastronomic events that you should not miss: There will be a week on Gastronomic Societies from the Basque Country, groups of people which regularly gather to enjoy exquisite culinary celebrations; gastronomy and fashion will come together during the Fashion Pasarela Gazteiz On, a planned wine harvest party from the Rioja region or a week dedicated to famous Basque tapas.


    Wifi for ‘Foodies’, ‘Gourmets’ or Gastronomic Tourists

    Taste for cooking, sense of humor, a geek side… Can you identify yourself? Do you rather prefer to be considered a gourmet expert of refined palate? Anyway, Vitoria is the right place to visit and we imagine you would love to share each gastronomic discovery with your family and friends. Sadly social networks do not allow sharing flavours! They will only be able to see a picture and a description.


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    rent mifi in spain and stay connected to internet

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