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    Are you traveling to Spain and you would like to benefit from the information provided by tourist apps available in many Spanish destinations? Stay connected to the internet 24 hours during your trip to Spainenlace with our portable wifi service for foreign tourists and have access to useful information about your destination in your mobile device anywhere your are and at any time during your trip.


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    We expect you already know that to download an interesting tourist app if you cannot check it when you most need it is pointless. Have you planned how to stay connected to the internet in Spain? With AlldayInternetSpainenlace you can enjoy an optimal connection from only 5 euros per day, forgetting about expensive roaming fees in order to have internet connection outside your home country. You can also share wifi connection with all your devices (laptop, tablet, iPhone, iPad, eBook, PSP…) or with up to five travel partners. Book your Wifi package in Spainenlace while making other reservations (flight, accommodation, guided tours…) and you will receive it upon your arrival. Avoid having to be dependent on unstable free wifi or uncomfortable connections provided at hotels, and enjoy from a 24 hours internet anywhere you are. 

    Did you know that Spain is the European country leading mobile internet useenlace and smartphone use? In this framework, main tourist destinations of our country are aware of the advantage these devices have for the traveler, therefore they have designed tourist apps which can be used as a travel guide and will allow tourists to be informed at any time about main attractions, have a geo-location of places you want to visit or have access to calendar information to discover planned events that could be of your interest.


    rent mifi in spain and stay connected to internet

    But all that glitters is not gold and it seems that the market of official tourist apps still have a long way to go in Spain.  According to report “Mobile apps of Spanish tourist destinationsenlace ”, part of research called “online communication of tourist destinations” and funded by the Ministry of Economy, tourist entities in Spain have in mind the importance of mobile marketing; however, there are still many tourist destinations that need to include this additional service for the traveler. 40% of cities and 30% of regions in Spain provide official tourist apps which are an additional tool to the information found in travel guides and tourist information centres, being 90% of them free for the tourist.

    This same research states that the vast majority of these type of tourist apps offer information about destination resources, geo-localization and events, and only the minority of them include additional services which are every time more appreciated for the traveler such as augmented reality, photo-galleries and video-guides, promotions and discounts as well as place evaluation.


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    Another disadvantage of the app market for tourists in Spain is the fact that over 60% of them are only available in Spanish, therefore they are not useful for foreign travelers who do not speak the language and they are exclusively designed for the national traveler. 

    The truth is that the majority of tourist entities in Spain have planned to launch their own app, however the uncertain role of these tools in the future, the cost and the lack of connection on the go are some aspects that complicate development.

    We would like to highlight the case of Tourism in Segovia, the first Spanish city that offers 24 hours wifi for foreign touristsenlace visiting the city, a service available in tourist information centres due to a collaboration partnership with AlldayInternetSpain. It is well-known that the first thing a tourist who downloads and uses tourist apps needs is to have an internet connection enabling to use internet at any time. If you travel to Segovia you will have at your disposal the Official App of Segovia for iPhone and Android that will allow you to discover each corner of the city only with your mobile device.

    rent mifi in spain and stay connected to internet

    If you are reading this post because you would like to do the same in your city and for your app to be successful, feel free to contact us via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will tell you the advantages our wifi rental service for travelers offers to strengthen and provide tourist resources regarding your city. Feel free to have a look at some companies that have committed themselves to our wifi service for tourists in Spainenlace to see how we can collaborate. 

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