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    National gastronomy is the new product of tourist interest for foreign travellers visiting Spain, a value based on quality and worldwide famous Mediterranean diet, which is declared Intangible Heritage of UNESCO since 2010, and each year attracts 10% of over 50 million tourists who every year choose Spain as holiday destination. The relevant Spanish chefs, precursors of modern and creative cuisine, benefit from worldwide prestige and their restaurants in Spain are ranked as the best ones in the planet.

    Spain is currently one of the countries with most Michelin-starred restaurants, along with France, Japan, Italy and Germany, and is the only country in the world with a university dedicated to gastronomy and established in the world’s gastronomy capital. The Basque Culinary Centre; we recommend you visit it if you travel to San Sebastianenlace, as is becoming the symbol of current Spanish gastronomy. Best chefs are trained at this school as well as people working to maintain Spain in the highest ranking of gastronomy worldwide.

    You might have heard of Arzak, Roca brothers or Martín Berasategui and possibly their restaurants are included in your list for your gastronomy trip across Spain. Many of them will be familiar, but others will surprise you. “Top 10 Restaurants in Spain”:

    1 - DiverXOenlace, in Madrid (Chef David Muñoz – 3 Michelin Starts). This is the surprise of Spanish cuisine, a restaurant where creativity is served as revolutionary dishes. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of facebook, could not resist the temptation of visiting the restaurant of the young chef David Muñoz, during his stay in Spain. In DiverXO you will find original fusion cuisine which mixes Mediterranean cuisine with exotic gastronomy from countries like China and Japan, and is the last incorporation to the most relevant restaurants with maximum distinction in Spain: Three Michelin starts.


    Photo - El Celler de Can Roca

    2 - Celler de Can Rocaenlace, in Girona (Chefs Roca Brothers – 3 Michelin Starts). During the year 2013 it was the best restaurant in the world, and some weeks ago the famous Noma snatched the crown and became the second one in the ranking. You will find two menus of 135 and 165 euros and they are created by the combination of dishes to also be eaten with the eyes. The aesthetic capacity is highlighted in Roca Brothers. Take into account the fact that the booking system is 11 months ahead.

    3 - Arzakenlace, in San Sebastian (Chef Juan Mari Arzak and his daughter Elena Arzak – 3 Michelin Stars). In the 70s, Juan Mari Arzak started to lead the cutting-edge Basque cuisine, considered the best one in Spain due to raw materials, elaboration and tradition. In Arzak’s restaurant you will taste exquisite fish from Cantabria, elaborated in a simple and authentic way, along with new dishes arising from the respect of tradition. Its laboratory of textures and fragrances, tastes and gastronomic sensations turn this restaurant into one of the Spanish gastronomy temples.

    4 - Akelarreenlace, in San Sebastian (Chef Pedro Subijana – 3 Michelin Starts). “Aranori”, “Bekarki” or “Los Clásicos de Akelarre” are gourmet menus which will lead you to the master chef from San Sebastian, the technique given to local products, the best meat and fish found with fun foams, stones, infusions or emulsions.

    5 - Restaurant Martín Berasateguienlace, in Lasarte – Guipuzcoa (Chef Martin Berasategui – 3 Michelin Stars). Concerned about exquisite and healthy cuisine at the same time, is considered the reformist of Basque cuisine. Shellfish, fish, meat or mushrooms are adored products by Berasategui who considers that his way of cooking would have no sense without using and feeling local products. Oyster with watercress chlorophyll, iodized cucumber with bacon or roasted bass with coffee and cinnamon… Apart from his restaurant-starred, he owns several others in Spain, such as Restaurant Lasarte in Barcelona or Restaurant M.B. in Tenerife.

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    6 - Restaurant Sant Pauenlace, in Barcelona (Chef Carme Ruscalleda – 3 Michelin Stars). It seems that top world’s cuisine is ruled by men. However, she is one of the most important Spanish chefs. (Elena Arzak has already been mentioned). Her cuisine is inspired in Catalonian landscapes and traditional cuisine, products from her close fishing ports, her vegetable garden and mountains, now combined with the traditions of Japanese cuisine where she owns another restaurant.

    7 - Azurmendienlace, in Larrabetxu – Vizcaya (Chef Eneko Atxa – 3 Michelin Stars). His passion for homemade cuisine has influenced his career which is recognised worldwide in spite of his youth. His cuisine if defined by himself as “evolutionary root” emerged from the training with his master chefs Berasategui or Andoni Luis Aduriz. Innovation and tradition, new techniques and veneration for local products.

    8 - Restaurant Quique Dacostaenlace, in Denia – Alicante (Chef Quique Dacosta – 3 Michelin Stars). Quique Dacosta “Mediterranean cuisine”, this is the way he expresses his cuisine when his way of working is asked. Avant-garde, innovation, direct, precise cuisine of short bite…these aspects are included in his dishes. One recommendation: Try his rice, considered the best one of Spanish haute cuisine.


    Photo - Javier Lastras / CC BY 2.0

    9 - Mugaritzenlace, Errentería – Guipúzcoa (Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz – 2 Michelin Stars). Culinary journeys, sensory harmonies, emotions… This is what Aduriz aims to show in his restaurant. He is sensitive and intellectual, believes in cuisine as the way of making clients become delighted. Do you think he could achieve this with his frozen vegetable Soup, Potatoes made in grey clay or fleshy Tomato with black olives dust?

    10 - Restaurant ABaCenlace, in Barcelona (Chef Jordi Cruz – 2 Michelin Stars). Smoked Steak Tartar, Snow of seasoned beef, Crispy of artichokes or Root Puree… Located in the Hotel ABaC, the restaurant is run by the youngest chef with a Michelin star. He defines it as restless and evolutionary cuisine, beyond trends and fashion and always including his beloved Catalan cuisine.

    If you travel to Spain due to our gastronomy, you should also include a visit to the new “Spanish Gastronomic Capital 2014”: The city of Vitoriaenlace, an interesting travel plan to taste the best local products and enjoy the pleasures of good food, which during the whole year will be materialized in many events, gastronomic events and activities to value gastronomy for the tourist.

    Although it has not been included in our ‘Top 10 Restaurants in Spain’, it would not be fair to finish this post without mentioning El Bullienlace, a restaurant which became a foundation for research gastronomy and led by the renowned Ferrán Adriá. His current project: The Bullipedia, creative report with knowledge about new cuisine developed by people who consider him the best chef in the world.

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