Rent Wifi and avoid roaming fees on your trip to Spain on Easter Week

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    Easterenlace, religiously known as Holy Week, is the perfect time of the year to travel to Spain and enjoy a wide variety of celebrations and traditions. Are you preparing your next trip to Spain? Visit the country at the beginning of spring and experience of the most famous festivities. You will enjoy Easter in Spain wherever your destination.

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    Before you read some recommended plans for your trip, you should plan certain aspects in order to save costs. Have you thought about how you will stay connected to the internet in Spain? Rent your portable Wifi with AlldayInternetenlace and you will avoid expensive roaming charges to use your mobile devices on the go. Stay connected 24/7 anywhere you are from just 5 euros daily. From now on, you will benefit from Wifi connection inside and outside the hotelenlace, use your travel apps, share experiences on your favourite social networks, and communicate with your family and friends using WhatsApp by paying an affordable bill. In addition, AlldayInternet Mifienlace can be used with all your devices (portable, iPhone, iPad, Android, eBook, video console…) and will allow you to share Wifi signal with up to 5 travel partners. 

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    Unique destinations and plans for your trip to Spain on Easterenlace

    Malaga: Feel the Holy Week with Antonio BanderasThe capital of Costa del Solenlace is a perfect destination to get the most out of this festivity. Good weather, (statistics indicate over 300 sunny days per year), beaches, gastronomy as tapas, and of course the colourful and passion of the Holy Week, which is declared Touristic Interest and attracts thousands of travellers every year. You may be luck and get a selfie with Antonio Banderas. The Spanish actor doesn’t miss this celebration every year and is part of the religious brotherhood Cofradía de Lágrimas y Favores.

    : Magical Holy Week
    – This city is possibly the best destination in Spain to experience the true Spanish Holy Week because the religious passion is a show in itself. There are over 60 processions, float bearers will draw your attention as well as the emotional flamenco verses that are sung when religious images approach. In order to complete the trip, we advise you visit Isla Mágica, a theme park with a setting inspired in the discovery of America and is opened since spring season. Isla Mágica opens on 4th March and there are new attractions and shows.

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    Photo Antonio España / CC BY SA 2.0

    Leon: The virgin Virgen del Camino and Santiago Route
    – Leon is a city where the Holy Week is celebrated with a wide range of processions. Over 30 religious parades with a total of 70 processions and starts with the famous Virgen del Camino. Since you are in Leon, why don’t you try the famous Way of St. Jamesenlace? A trip of over 200 kilometres of Pilgrim’s Way across the lands of Leon.

    rent mifi in spain and stay connected to internet

    Granada: Procession Procesión del Cristo de los Gitanos and Torchlight Decent
    – Granada is another suggested city for your next trip. You can visit the famous Cristo de los Gitanos and enjoy a few days in a ski resort in Sierra Nevadaenlace. Get the most out of the winter season with snow and good weather located further south in Europe. Take note of another procession: The “Torchlight Decent”, and enjoy the beautiful experience of skiing at night. 

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