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    These markets provide fruit, vegetables, spices, fresh fish, exquisite meat… traditional gastronomy and crafts from locals, flowers, sweets and desserts elaborated in a traditional way; perfect “souvenirs” to bring back home…and much more. For the tourist, supply markets and squares are much more than traditional markets for shopping in Spainenlace, they are the best windows to discover the city, a sensory experience full of colours, flavours and aromas. Great help to know more about traditions and habits!

    Would you like to know the markets you can visit on your trip? Do you believe these places are social and cultural meeting points and should be visited on trips elsewhere? In recent years, some of the main Supply Markets in Spainenlace have become a model for tourists who visit our country, as well as local tourism, tour operators and tourist guides. Furthermore, the markets’ facilities have been modernised by incorporating new service and entertainment areas which are frequently visited by gastronomy lovers. Some of these areas have established interesting cultural programs to enable visitors to enjoy, for instance, a live concert while shopping or tasting delicatessen provided in several stands.


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    The following list shows the main supply markets in Spain and we tell you what to see:

    Boquería Market (Barcelona)enlace – The list starts with the best market in the world, according to the World Congress of Public Markets. It is located next to the famous street Las Ramblas and inaugurated in 1840; it is one of the main tourist attractions in Barcelonaenlace. This true paradise is an experience for senses and the best fresh and local products as well as exotic food can be tasted by travellers in over 300 different stands. Seafood, Jamón Ibérico (Iberian ham), sweets, salads…you will also be delighted with its beautiful architecture, metal roof and colourful stained glass. This market has become a world model and many meetings, workshops and courses for enthusiasts and professionals in cooking are regularly taken place. There are several bars and restaurants where you can taste the best tapas in the city and a wide cultural offer can also be found.

    San Anton Market (Madrid)enlace – This is one of the best examples to understand the adaptation to new times these traditional markets are experiencing. In Madrid we have chosen San Anton Market which is located in Chueca neighbourhood. This market includes three floors and the traveller will find unique shops (fish market, charcuterie, bakery, etc.) and many gourmet stands like Hamburgesa Nostra which has already been mentioned in the post called “Designer Burgers in Spainenlace”. Go up one floor to discover modern shops with a wide variety of products for all tastes: Wine shops, oyster bars, international gastronomy… and to culminate the experience you can have a drink in the roof terrace where you will also find an original restaurant designed to taste the products you have previously bought in the market.

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    Central Market (Valencia)enlace
    – This market is 8.000 square metres and displays a spectacular beauty where the peculiar architecture in metal, stained glass, wood and ceramic will attract your attention as well as the patterned lights hanging from its stained glass and beautiful dome. This building was restored in 2004, had become one of the models of Modernism and is located in front of Lonja de la Seda (Silk Exchange). Today the “Mercat Central” (name in Valencian dialect) is one of the most elaborated markets as it offers a wonderful experience with fresh products in an impressive architectural setting.

    San Agustin Market (Toledo)enlace – This market can be defined as a fancy market where professionals and enthusiasts gather to taste the best fresh products that can be found in the country. This is not a traditional supply market, but a new concept of urban market where you can choose wine shops, tapas bars, exquisite cheese shops, seafood shops, gourmet corners, and a stand called “Postres Torreblanca” (Torreblanca Deserts) which is ruled by the only Spanish declared best pastry chef in Europe. This cutting-edge offer includes a cooking room and a cocktail bar in the terrace. It is located next to Plaza Zocodover, in the heart of Toledoenlace.

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    Photo Mercado San Agustín

    What is your opinion on our recommendations? Mercado de la Ribera (Bilbao), Plaza de la Esperanza (Santander), Santiago de Compostela Supply Market, Mercado de Atarazanas (Malaga), La Bretza in San Sebastián, the Market of Salamanca or the Central Market of Zaragoza are other markets that should also be visited if you have chosen any of these cities for your trip.

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