Internet for Foodies and Gourmets in Caceres: New Spanish Gastronomy Capital 2015

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    Did you know that 60 million tourists visited Spain in 2013 and 20% of them are attracted by our gastronomy and cuisine? Europeans prefer Spanish cuisineenlace and is one of the main tourist attractions of our country, taking into account the degree of satisfaction among international travellers. Spanish gastronomy is the synonym of Mediterranean diet (Intangible Heritage of UNESCO since 1010), linked to the international image of some of the best chefs and restaurants worldwideenlace. Spanish gastronomy is an innovator in creativity and modernity; they are absolute leaders in Gastronomy Tourism in Spain, being the fifth country in the world with biggest amount of Michelin starts.


    Photo Evaglesias / CC BY SA 3.0

    The boost and relevant role that gastronomy has experienced within tourism policies has played a key role to make publish and promote Spanish tastes abroad. We specially like this initiative “Gastronomy Capital” and that is why this post refers to it. Do you remember the post about Vitoria: Spanish Gastronomy Capital 2014enlace? You still have time to visit this modern city located in the Basque Country to enjoy the culinary schedule until Cáceres is awarded with the title… however the substituted city is exited and already waiting for you.

    Since the next month of January, Cáceresenlace will be awarded with the title Spanish Gastronomy Capital 2015enlace, recently after beating other candidates like Cartagenaenlace, Huesca, Lugo and Valenciaenlace. The Spanish Gastronomy Capital is a title annually provided by the Spanish Federation of Hotel Industry and main national gastronomy and tourist writers and journalists, with the aim of promoting our gastronomy as one of the tourist attractions at a national and international level.

    Do you wish to discover some of the delicatessen that has made Cáceres a tourist destination for foodies and gourmetsenlace worldwide? The pork is highly appreciated and its derivate products are an essential part of cuisine from Cáceres. Cured Iberian ham from Extremadura is the only one used for being the best. Other embutidos like white chorizo (spicy cold sausage) or morcilla (black pudding), along with some of the most exquisite, special and creamy cheeses in the world called Torta del Casar (based on sheep milk) are our first recommendation for your culinary trip to Cáceres.


    Photo Ayto. Cáceres

    Paprika from la Vera is a spice that gives flavour and colour to thousands of embutidos, soups and traditional stews of Spanish cuisine; gazpacho (cold vegetable soup) from Extremadura; migas (breadcrumbs with pork, chorizo…) and stews like cocido (the most traditional stew), chickpeas with cabbage and meat; and of course game meat like Conejo al Salmorejo (rabbit with tomato and bread soup) and Codornices (quails) or liebre en salsa negra (hare with black sauce)… mmmmm!

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    You have surely incuded some suggestions for your tasty trip to Cáceres. Upon arriving to your destination you have to toast with a good wine for the new Spanish Gastronomy Capital and you better choose one with Designation of Origin Montánchez and Cañamero. Don’t forget to share your experiences with your friends and family via WhatsApp, skype, in your favourite social networks, email…

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