We open a Funding Round in order to continue national and international expansion of our Wifi service for tourists

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    AlldayInternetenlace will soon celebrate its first anniversary and we are preparing new challenges. Due to this, we have opened a funding round worth 420.000 euros making a minimum contribution of 30.000 euros and we would love you to know about it.

    After launching our internet rental service for foreign travelersenlace in the first year and having taken it to main tourist destinations of the country and having started relevant negotiations which gave room for agreements with hotel chains, touristic companies and others related to the sector we are prepared to continue growing.


    The investment plan we present today is a way to continue supplying our product in Spain and to start service internationalization.

    We have developed a complex business plan and strategy plan available to interested investors. If this is your case, you can contact us via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will provide you all the information you require to join our team. Since we started this technology based startup we have attracted a great interest by users, companies in the sector, media, and tourist and business organizations. We suggest you have a look at the way we interact with partners which directly commercialize our wifi serviceenlace: Hotels, Rent a Car offices, Apartments to let by tourists, Tourism Information Centers, MICE …


    rent mifi in spain and stay connected to internet


    We add details regarding our short term goals in order to fully understand our funding round:

    1) We will expand our sales network in Spain: We aim to continue supplying our 24 hours Internet service without roaming fees for foreign touristsenlace in our country, to reach all places in Spain and establish a powerful sales network allowing the traveler to have a straightforward and comfortable access to our service.

    2) We will foster our online presence and carry out new and innovative advertising campaigns: Promotion of our service is the key factor in order to continue growing. We aim to develop new online marketing campaigns, contact new advertising and promotional services, and carry on our commitment to an active web and trade mark in social media. Do not forget to join AlldayInternet social networksenlace where you can best know our performance.


    3) We will create a new headquarters in the Canary Islands:
    We consider a key aspect the fact that distribution and commercialization of our product will be undertaken with best guaranties in order to provide satisfactory outcomes for the client. We are opening a new sales and logistic headquarters in the Canary Islands to facilitate commercialization and distribution of our service through a route among islands to avoid possible inconveniences of our Mifi to reach travelers in that destination. We currently have an agreement with local agents so this new headquarters will allow the complete product development.

    4) We will start an international expansion of our internet service for travelers: In the coming months AlldayInternet will reach the rest of European countries, therefore any tourist can have access to the internet without roaming fees outside their country of origin. This expansion will also enable Spanish travelers to have access to an affordable and optimal connection in any European country. Our goal is to establish ourselves and provide coverage in the entire community territory.


    rent mifi in spain and stay connected to internet

    You already know about our challenges, but you may need to have a detailed picture of what we offer and the key aspects that distinguish this product from the rest.

    Do not leave this post without having a look at our corporate video!

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