Business Travellers Connected to the Internet without Roaming Charges in Spain

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    Spain is one of the biggest tourist powers in the world; this type of tourism is normally linked to holiday trips, sun, beach and relax. However, Spain is the third country in the world in the organisation of congresses, events and meetingsenlace according to the Ranking of the International Congress and Convention Association. This destination is increasingly receiving better opinions from MICE sector, as it gathers important business centres in all cities and annually receives over half million tourists on business trips.


    Are you going to visit Spain soon due to working reasonsenlace? Have you already thought of how to stay connected to the internet on your stay in our country? You can book a portable Wifi while booking other services for your business trip to Spainenlace and you will receive it at the hotel you have chosen to stay or we can directly send it to the business centre you have planned on visiting during your working days in Spain. Upon your arrival we guarantee you will be able to surf the net as you do in your home country, without having to be dependent on saturated and ineffective Wifi networks from hotels or business centres, and unsecure Wifi networks in public places like airports, cafeterias, restaurants, convention centres…

    Do you find it interesting? AlldayInternetSpainenlace is a Wifi rental service for foreign tourists in Spainenlace which is perfect if you travel to our country on business. In only a few minutes you can book a Wifi in our web and will allow you to stay connected to the internet 24/7 anywhere you are in Spainenlace, share Wifi signal with all your devices (laptop, iPhone, iPad, tablet, eBook…) and avoid expensive roaming charges that you have already experienced in your last bills on your trip abroad.

    rent mifi in spain and stay connected to internet

    Until recently and taking into account the need of staying connected to the internet in a permanent way, business travellers used to buy a 3G card from an operator of the target country, however this practice is starting to be substituted by the comfortable alternative of using Mifi devices (portable Wifi)enlace which will avoid you to sign a contract with a foreign company, in a different language and having to visit the company’s shop upon your arrival. Mifi technology, which collaborates with AlldayInternetSpainenlace, is already the favourite business traveller because it provides a comfortable, secure and constant way of having internet connection and carry out any online action you need: Check and send emails; stay in contact with working partners; or with your family and friends; apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger or similar; video call services like Skype or Viber which facilitate the organisation of meetings regardless on the distance; use travel or business apps like Evertone, SkyDrive, Kayak or SeatAlert among many others, or share your trip experiences in social networks such as LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare.


    We know that internet is one of your essential working partners and you will not survive your next business trip to Spain without using your mobile devices and an internet connection that makes easier and more productive your stay: Organise your time and meetings, have your working documents updated and ready to be used whenever you need, use your mobile to carry out payments or store travel booking cards or have access to your hard disk in the cloud to feel closer to your office regardless the kilometres that separates you these days.

    rent mifi in spain and stay connected to internet

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