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    93% of tourists check at least one blog before travelling and experiences from expert bloggers are becoming more influential in relation to choosing destination, travel plans and interesting tourist tips. In fact, they are sources of information and inspiration, being more preferred than official websites of tourist destinations or travel magazines, mainly looking for information of excursions and routes, historic interest places and accommodations.

    Before starting our selection of travel blogs, we encourage you to have a walk across some articles related to tourism and technology in Spain found in our blog, which are available in Spanish, English, French and Russian and you will easily find them separately by topics: Congresses and Conventions in Spainenlace; Spanish Gastronomyenlace; Sports in Spain: Golf, tennis, surf…enlace: Hotels, campsites and accommodation: Wifi Internet; Tourist Interest Destinations; Roaming and Events in Spain. And if you find them interesting, feel free to share our best posts in your favourite social networks.


    If you are travelling soon, read carefully these travel blogs and take into account those are only a brief selection. There are many interesting and quality destinations. You can visit them in the section of Expats Blogenlace or in InterNationsenlace.

    Gusto Guidesenlace: A blog available in Spanish and English where you can discover the most authentic travel experiences in the Iberian Peninsula, information about parties, flamenco, tapas, the Spanish lifestyle, concerts shopping and much more. Creators’ adventures consist in visiting places and writing about them by mixing environment and local culture. A few months ago, we were mentioned in a post about internet for travellers in Spainenlace.

    Christine in Spainenlace: Christine moved to Spain when she was 22 years old and at that moment she expected to stay only one year. Even today she continuous living in our country and we should be grateful. Her blog is written in English and is a model for foreign travellers who visit Spain by learning from her experiences, favourite places and trips.

    Sunshine and Siestasenlace: This is a blog from “An American girl in Seville” like herself. Cat moved to our country in 2005, to Valladolid to study Spanish and later she moved to Seville working as English teacher. Currently, her blog is one of the most visited written by foreign residents in Spain. Feel free to follow this travel guide across Andalusia, Seville, Spain, Gastronomy, Camino de Santiago (St. James Way)…

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    Spanish Saboresenlace
    Lauren Aloise loves Spanish gastronomy and her blog demonstrates this fact. If you are also a gastronomy lover have a look at her posts: Recipes, gastronomic feedbacks from some of the best and most advisable accommodations for your trip, gastronomic routes, etc.

    The Spain Scoopenlace: Regina and Nancy, from Oregon and North Carolina, started this adventure in October 2008. Today, The Spain Scoop is a fun and unique travel guide where they collaborate with writers and local experts of Spain. You will find posts, pictures and videos of tourist interest places and other unconventional destinations, cultural experiences, hotels, spas, parties, feedbacks…

    This list can be endless. Have a look at Mooching Around Spainenlace, written by Annie Bennett, who normally collaborates writing about Spain for The Telegraph Travel; La Tortuga Viajeraenlace, gastronomic and travel experiences written by an American resident in Madrid; Oh Hello Spainenlace with interesting posts about life in Madrid and other Spanish cities; How to feel like Catalanenlace, where you can read posts about Catalonia written by Gabriela, from Slovakia; Guiri Girl in Barcaenlace from the Scottish Julie Sheridan and her life in Catalonia; Notes From Spainenlace, by Ben Curtis and Marina Diez.


    What do you think about our selection? You have surely many posts to be read while you prepare your trip and endless tips and plans for you stay here!... make sure you have a good internet connection during your trip to allow checking posts of experts at any time and place. AlldayInternetSpainenlace is an innovative portable Wifi rental service for foreign tourists in Spainenlace which allows you to stay connected to the internet 24/7 on the go, without paying roaming charges in order to stay connected outside your home country, and sharing Wifi signal with all your mobile devices or share internet with up to 5 travel partners.

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    and get information from best travel blogs for foreign tourists in Spain, share your experiences in your favourite social networks, communicate with your friends and family via WhatsApp, skype, etc. or use your usual travel apps; from only 5 euros per day.

    Enjoy Spain and feel free to leave us a comment including your favourite blogs about Spain!

    rent mifi in spain and stay connected to internet

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