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    There are millions of mobile apps in the market and endless places from where you can download them. Apps are increasingly used and multiplied by 10 each year. In this context, tourism is not an exception and more travellers prefer to use useful mobile appsenlace that can enable them to be updated with tourist information, save on guides and maps of their destinations, stay informed through travel planners and use main public services with a smartphone or tablet.


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    Barcelona, one of the most tourist cities in the world receiving biggest number of foreign travellers in Spain, offers endless useful apps to ease the life of people with a good connection on the go. Barcelona “Mobile World Capitalenlace” is a world model at a technological level and the most cosmopolitan capital in Spainenlace, and now is decided to change the daily life of its citizens and experiences of visitors with the help of technology and connectivity.

    We start the tour across the best Barcelona Apps mentioning the Official Barcelona Tourism Appsenlace: Official Barcelona Guide is an app that allows you to have access in a fast and interactive way to main tourist attractions found in Barcelona, with practical information, pictures and geolocation, which are essential aspects to plan interesting tourist routes. Barcelona Restaurants is another official tourism app where you will find a selection of 170 establishments to enjoy the best gastronomy in accordance with your needs and budget. We don’t forget NicePrints Barcelona, an app that allows you to convert your experiences into memories forever, by creating photo albums, calendars, postcards, etc. and using background library and representative images of the city.

    rent mifi in spain and stay connected to internet

    Apart from geolocation apps that have surely been installed in your devices like Google Maps, Foursquare or your favourite GPSenlace, and you will surely use on your stay in Barcelona, there are some other apps that will help you get the most out of the advantages of Barcelona Smart City. As can be found in the web Apps4BCNenlace – an interesting web with best apps to experience Barcelona – Bicing Barcelonaenlace (to know availability of rental bikes around you) or TMBAPPenlace (Metropolitan Transport Barcelona App, with information on timetables, stations and maps to get around the city) are some of the essential apps for the tourist. 

    Furthermore, many monuments and tourist attractions of the city offer their own app, including audio-guides in several languages and audio-visual information which is perfect to spot all details.
    La Sagrada Familiaenlace (Church of the Holy Family) is the most famous monument in Barcelona and the most visited in Spain, and cannot be an exception so the Sagrada Familia Appenlace is ideal for a virtual visit across the temple before the real visit. Picasso Museum App, ART Public BCN (with main elements of public art of Barcelona), or BCN Paisatge (with unique elements of urban landscape at your fingertips) are other recommendations especially designed for culture lovers.


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    We cannot finish this post without mentioning tourist apps of important webs and specialised travel means, which could not resist the charm of this great city: Barcelona Conde Nast Traveller City Guideenlace, Barcelona Travel Guide Minubeenlace or Barcelona City Guide TripAdvisorenlace.

    You have surely thought of how to make use of an optimal and effective connection 24/7 on the go.
    AlldayInternetSpainenlace allows you to book your portable Wifi in Barcelonaenlace while you prepare your trip; you will receive it at the hotel or accommodation upon your arrival. Form only 5 euros per day, avoiding roaming charges in order to stay connected to the internet in Spain and having the possibility of sharing Mifi signal with your travel partners or with all your mobile devices simultaneously, our Wifi rental service for foreign tourists in Barcelona is the most secure, comfortable and affordable way to get the most out of your internet on your visit to the mobile world capital. 

    rent mifi in spain and stay connected to internet

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