Are you travelling to Spain? Rent a portable Wifi

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    The wifi service is currently the most popular service for tourists from all over the world; however hotel and public connections normally do not satisfy travelers’ needs who require a comfortable, fast and safe connection.


    Are you traveling to Spain and you need the best way to stay connected to the internet at any time during your trip and you do not want this service to dramatically increase you expenses?

    AlldayInternetSpainenlace provides you a 24/7 internet connection anywhere you are from only 5 euros per day by only disconnecting the roaming of all your devicesenlace forgetting expensive costs and reducing unpleasant surprises upon your return. Our wifi rental service for foreign tourists in Spain will enable you to share connection with all your portable devices (IPhone, IPad, Android, tablet, laptop, Ebook, console…) or with your travel partners. This service becomes an ideal alternative if you do not travel aloneenlace, sharing with people who require internet connection anytime during the journey. You can share connection with up to 5 people.

    rent mifi in spain and stay connected to internet

    Data: 95% of tourists travel with their mobile devices; 86% of tourists expect hotel wifi to work properly; and more than 60% of tourists share their destinations in social networks; Internet has already become the favorite travel partner of any traveler and Tourism 2.0enlace has become a reality as a new sector revolution. Feel free to check out the report called Tourism Traveler 2013enlace published by Google the last November in order to have a global picture about the changes made in the tourist consumption habits and the way travel decisions are linked to the constant internet use.

    Regardless if you travel to Spain for holiday or business reasonsenlace you would like to check your email, have access to your favorite social networks to share your trip with your family, stay connected to your family via whatsapp or use VoIP services like Skype, check travel and tourists webs to get the most out of your trip. The portable wifi of AlldayInternetSpain guarantees an optimal service to carry out any online activity.


    Did you know that more than 90% of tourists travelling to Spain in 2013 used internet to know information while preparing the trip as well as during their stay in Spain? Apps that are consolidating as travel guides and they are a travel resource and the vast majority of people do not want to miss.

    Have you already booked your trip to Spain and you are choosing your ideal accommodation? Have you looked for a rental car and you have also booked the tickets to visit tourist attractions and monuments you will visit during your stay in Spain?

    rent mifi in spain and stay connected to internet

    You can also book your internet connection in Spainenlace to complete your preparation. It will take you about a minute because you only have to tell us where you want to receive your wifi package upon your arrival to Spain. It is very easy to use; you only have to turn on AlldayInternetSpain wifi device and connect your devices to internet signal by introducing the provided password. You will also receive a prepaid envelope to return it upon your return. You can leave it in any postbox or just leave the dongle at the hotel reception and they will be in charge of returning it.

    Do not forget to watch our corporate video before you travel. We introduce you to the Smith family; they traveled to Spain and chose AlldayInternetSpain to stay connected to the internet. You can check out how the booking service works, how they received the portable wifi upon their arrival to the accommodation and how all members of the family stayed connected from only 5 euros per day anywhere visited.


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