AlldayInternet has been Awarded one of the Best Start-Ups in Spain according to Actualidad Económica

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    “Entrepreneurs are new rock stars and start-ups are new bands”… so begins the report published in the latest edition of “Actualidad Económica” magazineenlace. This magazine is specialised in business and a selection of the best start-ups located in Spain has been published this month. Right…members of AlldayInternetenlace have reasons to be congratulated because has been awarded one of the best start-ups in Spain and our Wifi rental service avoiding roaming to foreign touristsenlace visiting Spain is constantly increasing in number of users.

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    This occasion Actualidad Económicaenlace has been sponsored by Caixabank and has finally acknowledged the work performed by 19 companies launched by entrepreneurs, especially considering private financing record undertaken in recent months. Moreover, awards aim to highlight business initiatives spread throughout the country. New companies located in each autonomous community have been selected with the aim of drawing a faithful entrepreneur map beyond the big cities and economic centres found in cities like Madrid and Barcelona.

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    In order to choose the winning companies, Actualidad Económica has worked closely with Venture Watch, a consulting start-up specialised in the field of entrepreneurship and companies starting their activity. Venture Watch has compiled a complete list regarding investment received by hundreds of Spanish companies during private investment rounds.

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    Employment platform offered to qualified workers Job&Talentenlace; courier companies browser PackLinkenlace; Kantoxenlace, company dedicated to the exchange of currency among companies; cybersecurity start-up Bluelivenlace; Nuuboenlace, start-up focused on wireless biomedical technology; Playtheenlace start-up specialised in outdoor digital signage; Nanogapenlace, Galician company developing nanoparticles; Basque videogame start-up Ludeienlace; or BidaWayenlace, platform focused on luxury trip and journey auctions; are some of the companies that along with AlldayInternet have been awarded and their work has been rewarded. Congratulations!

    The financing round carried out by AlldayInternetenlace last May raised a total of 240.000 euros which is enabling us to continue the expansion of our brand and has been essential to achieve this reward. Once again and as a result of the good news received this week by Actualidad Económica, we would like to thank the trust that individual investors have placed in us and in our innovative Wifi internet service for touristsenlace.

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