8 Key Aspects in your Internet Connection on your Trip to Spain

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    Can you imagine staying connected to the internet on your next trip to Spainenlace without having to be dependent on hotel Wifi networks and avoid having to stay connected to public networks which are not very secure at the restaurants, bars, stations, etc. you visit? Have you ever travelled outside your home country surfing the net with all your devices simultaneously and without paying roaming fees?

    This post provides 8 key aspects for your internet connection in your next trip to Spain with AlldayInternetSpain, an innovative Mifi rental services for foreign touristsenlace in our country which enables you to have portable Wifi access 24/7 anywhere you are:


    1 - Book your Mifi before you travel and you will receive it upon your arrival to Spainenlace:
    From the web you can comfortably and in less than one minute book your Mifi in Spain. You will receive it upon your arrival at the hotel, holiday apartment, private house or business centre. You only have to indicate us the delivery address, we will send you a Wifi package and you can use it upon arriving to your destination.

    2 - Internet in all your mobile devicesenlace: Most tourists travel with several mobile devices. If you travel with your smartphone (iPhone, Android…), tablet (iPad, Android), eBook, laptop, video console, eBook… you should know that our Wifi device can be used with all your devices. You can comfortably connect any of them if Wifi connection is included.

    3 - Share Wifi signal: AlldayInternetSpain Mifi will enable you to share the internet signal in all your devices simultaneously or if you prefer you can use internet as well as your travel partners. Are you travelling in groups to Spainenlace? Save money in your internet connection abroad, share service expenses and use Wifi signal with up to 5 travel partners at the same time.


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    4 - Delivery and return of the service without additional expenses:
    When you receive the Wifi package you will find a prepaid envelope which you will use to return your AlldayInternetSpain Wifi and you will leave it in a post-box. If you prefer you can leave it at the hotel reception and package will be returned. Both package delivery and return are included in the total price without additional charges.

    5 - Save up to 95% in your internet connection in Spainenlace: AlldayInternetSpain Mifi enables you to disconnect 3G/4G data in your devices and thus avoid expensive roaming fees in order to stay connected outside your home country. Stay connected to AlldayInternetSpain Wifi signal and avoid charges on the go. You can stay connected to the internet 24/7 from only 5 euros per day.

    rent mifi in spain and stay connected to internet

    6 - This device is easy and simple to use:
    The use of AlldayInternetSpain is easier to use than you can imagine. You only have to turn the Mifi on and connect the Wifi signal with the devices you are going to use by entering the password you will find next to our portable modem. You will be ready to surf the net with 3G/4G coverage in over 95 per cent of the Spanish territory.

    7 - Travel connected with your family, friends and social networksenlace: This internet service for foreign tourists will enable you to stay connected to your family and friends during your stay, use your favourite tourist apps or share your experiences in Spain in your social networks. We suggest you also stay connected with our travel blog and social networks to keep informed of the main places of tourist interest with our updates for foreign tourists in Spain.

    8 - Wifi for tourists and business travellersenlace: Our tourist Wifi service is focused on tourists who spend several days visiting Spain on their holidays and people visiting our country due to business reasons. Stay connected to the internet on the go on your holidays or business in a simple, affordable and secure way.

    If you still have any doubts regarding how our tourist internet service works in Spainenlace, we invite you to have a look at our corporate video where the family Smith will help you by showing you all advantages if this Wifi for travellers:

    Feel free to ask any questions you might have in relation to this innovative way of staying connected to the internet in Spain. We will be very pleased to answer all your questions and doubts. Moreover, we invite you to discover experiences of other users who have already used our Wifi during their trip to Spain. You can have a look at them by clicking the section of client’s opinions you will find at the top part of this web. 

    rent mifi in spain and stay connected to internet

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