Wifi during excursions and group trips in Spain

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    Are you coming to Spain on your end of year trip or with a group of people in a guided tour to attend a campus or to start a Spanish course? Are you organizing a trip to Spain and you want to know how to have access the internet as a group? Today, we explain how to stay connected with the cheapest and most comfortable wifi at anytime, from anywhere.


    AlldayInternetSpain is a wifi internet service for foreign travelers in Spain; perfect for group trips because our wifi devices, also known as mifi, can be shared with up to 5 travel partners. For example: Are you a group of 40 people and you need to have access the wifi service during your end of year trip, guided tour, Spanish campus or camp in Spain? We provide you the ideal solution to save money: Rent 8 Mifi devices with us and all of you will be able to surf an optimal connection and you will benefit from your favorite social networks, send whatsapp messages, use VoIp services like Viber or Skype, download videos… if you organize yourself in groups of 5 people, each of you will pay only one euro per day thanks to our wifi 24/7 service for only 5 euros. Don’t you find this service really interesting? Moreover, with the wireless wifi of AlldayInternetSpain for travelers and foreign tourists you can disable the roaming because it works through 3G network of a Spanish broadband provider, with 95% coverage in the Spanish territory, which enables anyone to enjoy internet in the place they have chosen to stay (hostel, hotel, apartment, camping…) but also during excursions and tourist trips.

    rent mifi in spain and stay connected to internet

    This link shows how AlldayInternetSpainenlace works and how you can enjoy your internet connection to the limit during your stay in Spain 

    Don’t worry if all of you have different devices for your connection because the AlldayInternetSpain wifi can be used with smartphones, laptops, tablets, eBooks, psps…finish off your planning to Spain by booking our serviceenlace.

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    If you are a member of an agency providing language courses abroad, language immersion trips, work combined with study, home stays, au pair stays, internships or student exchanges in Spain, you might be interested in our wifi internet service. The supply of such companies is increasing, so enhancing the services offered to groups and differ from the rest can be a key point.


    You can contact us via a chat available at the bottom part of our website: we will explain the possibilities you have in order to organize excursions with wifi in Spain and your clients will receive mifi devices upon their arrival.

    Although you have planned to have and offer wifi internet service in some of the places where you organize your trips, such as schools, hostels, work and study camps… it will be different when taking a hike and the experience should tell you that there is an increasing need of having access to the internet on the go. We are sure that any extra service you can offer to your clients will be a success.

    rent mifi in spain and stay connected to internet

    And now that you know how to have wifi internet if you travel in groups to Spain, do you already know what will be the first thing you will do with your connection? Send a whatsapp message to inform of your arrival? Share your first impressions with a picture in your facebook profile? Or perhaps search in Google all you can’t miss during your trip? Tell us!

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