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    Are you coming to Spain for a few days or due to business reasons? If you are planning on visiting our country, we would like to tell you about how to stay connected to the internet in Spain through our wifi internet service for travelers and foreign tourists from only 5 euros per day and you can book it from home while planning your trip and booking your accommodation, flights and tickets.


    AlldayInternetSpain is an innovative wifi device rental service known as Mifi, and it can be used with laptops, tablets, IPhone, Android, psp, ebooks; it can be simultaneously shared with your trip partners with up to five people. We suggest you have a look at our corporate video in order to get to know how our internet service works for tourists in Spain:


    Do you need to stay connected to the wifi internet at the hotel or accommodation in Spain, but also on the go, during your excursions or business meetings? Our wifi service works in 95% of the Spanish territory; a good coverage for your connections because we work closely together with the main 3G telephone broadband in Spain.

    rent mifi in spain and stay connected to internet

    Still not convinced? You should know that AlldayInternetSpain offers you the opportunity to stay connected to the net 24h per day, anywhere you are without receiving any unpleasant invoice surprises upon your arrival back home because you will not have to pay expensive roaming expenses when 3G data will be deactivated.


    Our wifi for travelers in Spain is perfect to be used on the go because we are aware that most tourists seek internet connection at the hotel and outside it and they are tired of using slow connections in public places which become saturated due to the great amount of people using it at the same time. AlldayInternetSpain Mifi is a light and small device which can be carried in a tiny case provided by us along with a battery charger that lets you charge your wireless wifi anytime you want, even from a car.


    Would you like to share your trip in your favorite social networks (facebook, twitter, google+, youtube…), check your email when required, use whatsapp to communicate with your family or friends and look for information regarding places you want to visit during your trip to Spain through Google Maps, Live Traffic or Foursquare; for instance? With AlldayInternetSpain you can benefit from it because our wireless internet service for tourists in Spain is compatible with VoIP service, therefore Skype or Viber can be used with an optimal connection quality. Here, we explain better how our 24h wifi service for travel tourists works:


    If we have persuaded you, don’t wait to book it online, through our website: https://www.alldayinternetspain.com/book-mifienlace and if you have any questions, you can ask whatever you need to know both through our profiles on Facebook, (https://www.facebook.com/AlldayInternetSpainenlace) Twitter (@AllDayInternet) or Google plus (https://plus.google.com/b/114080093315905780415/114080093315905780415/postsenlace), but also directly through the chat found at the bottom part of the website.


    You will receive your wifi package at the hotel or the accommodation you have chosen while booking (we can sent it at your workplace, office where you collect your rental car, camping, relative or friend house) and you can return it very easily and comfortably; leaving your wireless wifi package in any postbox or simply leave it at the reception desk in your hotel and free shipping and return.

    rent mifi in spain and stay connected to internet 

    Moreover, we invite you to download our APP for IPhone and Android in order to book it with your Smartphone and be informed of your booking process.

    You can do so here:




    Now that you know how to plan your ideal trip to Spain, tell us: Did you ever find it so easy? How has been your experience so far, regarding your internet connections during trips?

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