Silken Hotels provide 24h Wifi to their clients through AlldayInternetSpain

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    AlldayInternetSpain came to an agreement with the chain Silken Hotels and they will offer wireless Wifi to their clients in their facilities. The involvement will begin at three hotels, in particular in Silken Indautxu Bilbao, Silken Coliseum Santander  and Silken Rio Santander as a starting point towards an expansion throughout hotels located in the North of Spain and subsequently throughout the entire national territory.

    rent mifi in spain and stay connected to internet


    The company Silken Hotelsenlace already provides free wifi access to their clients in hotel lobbys as well as in common areas and rooms; being aware of the fact that having wifi internet connection has becomes as important ashaving an excellent breakfast or a comfortable room.


    silken wifi 


    Silken Hotels provide two different Wifi categories to tourists; one free and limited modality, ideal for checking emails or web information, however it is not recommended for people in need of using VoIP services such as Viber or Skype, among others. The second category is Wifi Premium, a wifiinternet connection which tourists can book by paying a supplement while booking the room and it offers faster internet connection and a wide range of options. 

    However, what happens when you are outside the hotel? We know that the vast majority of tourists and foreign travelers visiting Spain, mainly due to business reasons or if they have chosen Spain to spend their holidays, need to stay connected to the internet via wifi at the hotel and during excursions. Therefore, Silken Hotels and AlldayInternetSpainareabout to provide the possibility of renting a wireless mifiat hotels in Santander and Bilbao which can be used inside the hotel or on the go, offering the client a 24h wifiservice wherever they require it. With the mifi of AlldayInternetSpain, Silken Hotels count on a third option in order to stay connected to the internet and it will be available at the hotel’s front desk. The day of your departure you will only have to leave it at the hotel, at any hotel of Spain or in the postbox without extra charges.

    From 5 euros per day, without roaming charges and supported by your laptop, iPhone, ipad, android, psp, eBook…,AlldayInternetSpain is the perfect alternative if you look for a good internet connection during your trip to Spain, at an affordable price! In this link, you can find more information about our wifi internet service for travelersenlace, an innovative service that is increasingly capturing the interest of companies within the tourist sector, and Silken has also joined us.

    An interesting decision could be to use Silken Hotelswifiand then use AlldayInternetSpain mifi while outside the hotel or if you realize the hotel connection is saturated when you need to stay connected. AlldayInternetSpain wifi connection for foreign travelers and tourists in Spain supports VoIP services because more and more people need themin order to keep in touch with family and friends.

    The following video explains in depth all you can do with our internet connection device:


    What are your experiences so far withwifi connections at hotels? Go ahead and participate in our blog with your comments for helping other tourists. 

    rent mifi in spain and stay connected to internet

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