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    At present, Spain is the European country with biggest amount of smartphones and 63% of mobile users own a smartphone with which they can take pictures, make videos, have access to their favorite social networks and check any information anywhere they are. The growing demand of this type of devices is exactly the reason why mobile Internet in Spain has motivated its takeoff, 45% of internet users surf the web using their phones. 

    spain Lider internet 3G and smartphone

    Mobile Internet penetration in Spain reaches 20%, being 11% the European average. Moreover, 13.1% ofhomes with Internet connection in Spain make use of mobile broadband and, although the laptop remains as the main device to access the internet, the mobile phone has already become the bestselling device from last year in Spain.

    It seems obvious that mobile internet will displace desktop internet in Spain in the coming years -around 2015-.

    Over the last two years in Spain there has been a remarkable change regarding the use of multimedia content thanks to countless offers that enable users to combine access to wirelines and mobile networks allowing also to be connected to several terminals at any time or place. One truly relevant fact in relation to mobile internet in Spain in 2012 has been linked to the exponential growth in the number of internet users who regularly visit and update their social networks, 56% of users of internet in Spain are familiar with these new social-digital habits.

    rent mifi in spain and stay connected to internet

    The Spanish market includes more than 26 mobile network operators and they are aware of the mobile internet relevance, therefore they have been responsible for a tariff war of little use and very similar packages. This is not positive at all because only the 5% of users know and understand the real offers provided by the Spanish mobile internet operators and only the 5% of users make a comparison of 5 operators when they want to change their contract or tariff.

    The main operators offer Internet Dongle special packages (Link to post 1 – What is a dongle)via USB; however there is lack of awareness and little offers regarding the Mobile internet Dongle devices in Spain.

    It is time for wireless Modem

    Over the last one and a half years the Spanish operators have started the launching of wireless modems 3G wifi, Dongle mifi, however what seemed to be a revolution is not really taken off because offers are not promising enough compering them to the ones launched for ADSL internet. Operators want to expand the business with these devices taking into account mobility connection popularity. Nevertheless, there is a long way to go in order to persuade the increasing demanding public regarding mobile connection quality.

    Internet Dongle Mifi – Best mobile option while on the go

    AlldayInternetSpain  provides a perfect solution for users who look for mobility in their connections focused mainly on those consumers who visit Spain for a fairly short period of time. If mobile internet tariffs are not suitable for Spanish users, you can imagine how unbearable can be the roaming tariffs for people in need of permanent connection in a country where tariffs and operatorsare completely different.

    Our internet dongle gadget allows the traveller to be connected to up to 5 devices simultaneously, such as IPhone, Androids, IPads, Tablets, PSP, eBooks… From 5 euros a day, without any roaming expenses right when you access the Spanish 3G network. The device is very small, light and handy and it has become a comfortable and cost-effective alternative to be connected to internet in Spain.

    We explain how AlldayInternetSpain  works.

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