MIFI: Finally, wireless Internet for tourists in Spain.

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    Surely you haven’t heard of this word for a while but, what is Mifi? The word Mifi comes from My Wifi, in other words, the mechanism used to have access the internet wirelessly. In particular, the device that serves as modem and allows to have access the internet by wireless technology is called Mifi.

    Mifi devices have data SIM card and they connect to internet as the well-known USB modems do. If you still aren’t sure about the meaning of Mifi, we show you the AlldayInternetSpain device: A wireless modem that can be connected to the Spanish 3G networkenlace so to surf the wifi internet in a conformable and simple way, an internet service for foreign travelers to Spain and surely they are interested to know more for their trip.

    The use of Mifi has expanded in recent months in Spain, mainly due to the comfort provided to users who can keep connected to internet on the go, to travelers, tourists and people who requires an always-on internet connection anywhere they go. AlldayInternetSpain Mifi is, as well as the vast majority of devices,  small,  light, and easy to carry; and it can also connect to 5 devices simultaneously. Therefore, by means of using our pocket wifi, you will be able to access the internet with your Smartphone, Tablet, eBook, laptop… 
    Our service internet service through Mifi is a suitable option for foreign tourist who travel to Spain because the connection can be used at the hotel as well as during trips.



    The wifi modem router or Mifi includes a SIM card and a small battery that can be charged at any time needed. AlldayInternetSpain Mifi for foreign travelers provides a charger so to charge the battery every day, as you do with you mobile phone. During the day, you can carry the device turned on at all times while going sightseeing, but if you want to make sure you have battery left, we recommend you to turn it off when it is not in use. The AlldayInternetSpain Mifi switching off is very fast and in just few seconds you will be surfing the web during your trip to Spain.

    More and more companies bet on Mifi technology in Spain because, although many alternatives can be found in order to have access the wireless broadband internet through dongles and USB, the increasing popularity and the need to use internet on the go predict a bright future for these devices. Currently, Mifi is the best option for tourists who travel to Spain.

    Mifi devices in Spain start to be more common and that is why AlldayInternetSpain has chosen this technology for you to keep connected and share your broadband connection with other users during your stay in our country.

    If you look for a mifi review, you will find opinions of all kinds; however you should take into account that currently there are few services that can offer an alternative as comfortable, fast and light to use wifi internet while travelling. AlldayInternetSpain gives Mifi in Spain for tourists the possibility to rent packages with special prices, from 7 euros a day up to 5 euros if you rent it more than 5 days, etc. in other words, our Mifi device becomes cheaper the more days you use it; mifi pay as you go.

    The basic Mifi package for travelers offers 1GB, although you will be able to select an extra 1GB and other additional servicessuch as an extra battery, a charger for the car, even insurance to cover any damages that may happen on the wireless device during your trip to Spain. Moreover, AlldayInternetSpain provides a special offer through discount coupons you will find at your hotel, tourist office, airport and other partnersand you will get free 1GB.

    rent mifi in spain and stay connected to internet

    AlldayInternetSpainMifi surfs through a Spanish company 3G network; you simply have to disconnect your roaming and forget about nasty surprises on your bill and keep connected to the network of our device. 
    Have you ever imagined an internet service so comfortable and affordable? We are aware tourists require constant connection and that is why we have developed this innovative service for you.

    The coverage of Mifi devices is generally good and ours exceeds 95% of Spanish territory, so we guarantee internet connection in most parts of the country during your trip. Turn on our device, connect it to our wireless wifi and start surfing the net in Spain.

    Mifi Spain Offers

    Mifis in Spain are currently distributed by main companies, like Movistar or Vodafone which offer MiFi 2352 devices; Orange supports3G wifi  Huawei E5 and other companies distribute internet models as Novatel MiFi 2200, Novatel MiFi 23xx series, Novatel MiFi 33xx series, Verizon Wireless, D-Link, NetCommNyZone 34 24W, Sierra Wireless or ZTE, among others.


    Best Mifi?

    Our opinion on the best current market Mifi in Spain is very clear. We prefer the Mifi manufactured by Hauwei, the one we offer in AlldayInternetSpain due to the exquisite design the company has printed on their devices, its lightness and functionality. Huawei Technologies Co. has been included in the list of most respected companies by Forbes magazine; ranking among the six most respected telecommunications companies in the world. 


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    • Simon


      23 Agosto 2013 at 04:45 |
      I was recently in Spain and hired the All day Internet wifi modem. It was really worth the money and worked with out a problem.

      I spent time in the suburbs of Madrid and on a farm miles from any big town in the middle of Castilla la Mancha. I caught the train from Talavera de la Reina to Barcelona and had internet connection the whole time.....except going through some tunnels, which is understandable.

      The modem came with a semi-hard case to protect it and a self addressed cardboard box to send it back to HQ. The battery seems to last for ages. There's a cable to either plug it in to the USB port on a computer or plug it in to the electricity socket on the wall.

      Next time I go back to Spain I will definitely be hiring this again.
      • AlldayInternet


        29 Septiembre 2013 at 10:18 |
        Thank you!!!
    • Mike Tramer

      Mike Tramer

      09 Octubre 2013 at 01:54 |
      I used the product or 2 weeks in Madrid and Barcelona. Very easy to get and return. The price was 1/3 that of the North American competition. It worked without fault the entire time. My wife and I both have iPhones and were able to use every app, email, and iMessage connected to WiFi. The company has great customer service if you ever need. THANKS!
      • AlldayInternet


        09 Octubre 2013 at 10:37 |
        Thank You, Mike!!!. We work hard every day in order to provide good service to our customers.

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