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    During the grape harvest the Spanish Wine Market Observatory (OEMV) has stated the fact that wine production in Spain will reach unprecedented records this year enabling the country to overtake main competitors, Italy and France as well as consolidating the country as first wine producer worldwide.


    Plato used to say that in wine there is the truth; we do not know if he was right but what we know is that an organized trip to discover some of the 2000 Spanish wineries will help you get closer to some of the best wines in the world and the traditional way of living, customs and traditions of hundred rural areas in Spain as well as enabling you to come across wonderful landscapes.

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    Latest enotourism researches carried out in Spainenlace, particularly by state that more than 90% of travelers and tourists interested in wine culture are gathered in less than 1% of Spanish wineries, mainly in:

    Bodegas Marco de Jerez (Andalusia)enlace

    Bodegas (Catalonia)enlace

    Codorniu (Catalonia)enlace

    Torres (Catalonia)enlace

    Protos from Ribera del Dueroenlace.


    If you look for a captivating trip from the very beginning, you should not miss the wonderful Marqués de Riscal and the impressive Ciudad del Vinoenlace (Wine City) , at the Rioja Alavesa, whose main building was designed by the great Frank O. Gehry, a symbol of modernity that in recent years has been linked to the wine world in Spain and to the enotourism growth in one of the most famous wine regions in the world, La Rioja. We invite you to have a look at the youtube channelenlace of Marques de Riscal where you will discover the procedure of guided tours to the winery, fantastic restaurants including one with a Michelin Star and the luxury hotel located within the winery which includes services such as a well-known spa due to its vinotherapy treatments.


    Without a doubt all aforementioned wineries shall not to be missed for any wine lover; however there are hundreds of small wineries ready to welcome travelers in Spain, places where wine production is excellent and the friendliness of people in charge is outstanding. They are run by young business men who have realized about the fact that quality comes from low production and far from standard taste, we recommend the unforgettable enotourist experience of any of the wineries located in Bierzo (Castilla y León)enlace.


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    Have you already decided on the wine production area you want to visit? Have you chosen La Rioja, Ribera del Duero or have we persuade you to visit some of the limited production areas which provides enjoyable wine tours and endless services associated to enotourism? If you are organizing your trip, you have book your accommodation as well as winery tours you are interested in and you have gathered information regarding main areas to taste the best wines in Spain, it is about time to also book your internet connection.

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    In recent years, several certificates of origin, wineries and enotourism areas in Spain have been carrying out an original work regarding online promotion; this has become an adventure that you should add to your trip to Spain because you will surely be surprised. AlldayInternetSpain is a wifi internet service for foreign tourists in Spain enabling you to have access to the internet connection 24/7 anywhere you are for only 5 euros per day. Avoid unpleasant surprises in roaming bills deactivating it from your devices and benefit from an optimal internet connection in Spain. You can book your wireless wifi hereenlace.

    AlldayInternetSpain is a comfortable and affordable way to stay connected to the internet in Spain with the option of sharing wifi connection with up to five trip partners or with several devices: Iphone, android, ipad, tablet, ebook, psp, laptop, etc. We send you the wifi package to the hotel or if you prefer to the winery you will visit upon your arrival.


    If you are a wine lover and you want to get the most out of your wifi connection with AlldayInternetSpain do not miss the adventure provided by Rioja Wineenlace in the Internet, including daily contests which will be linked to your enotourist experience. You only have to add the hashtags #CelebralaVida #TusBarrasFavoritas or #VibrantRioja in your pictures and trip updates in order to share them with your family and friends as well as with thousand followers. Follow as on facebookenlace and twitterenlace.

    Before you leave… which hashtag would you use to describe your expectations for your next enotourism trip to Spain? Share it with us. 

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