Dongle, the buzzword during your trip to Spain. We tell you what it is.

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    We are going to explain the hidden aspects behind one of the latest trendy words in Spain, however many people may have never heard of it or they simply do not use it the right way.

    What is a dongle?

    The word dongle started to be used as a piece of hardware which connects to computers and guarantees the proper functioning of the software, in other words, a security device which enables the user to make use of protected software against piracy.

    However, the term dongle has broadened its meaning and currently it is referred to as
    any device that can be connected to a computer, generally in order to provide an extra function in it. Thus, the USB devices known by everyone are a clear example of this. Disks to increase memory capacity or devices to provide wireless Bluetooth connections can also be considered as dongles.

    More and more people choose these kinds of gadgets mainly to connect to the Internet, so Internet dongle seems to be a forward-looking alternative due to the strong demand by users characterized by their high mobility, demand of comfort and efficiency in their mobile connection.

    A wireless dongle completely eliminates the need of using uncomfortable cables and it makes possible the Internet access without having to be connected to a fixed line, apart from offering you great availability in your connections. 

    This is our Internet dongle:

    rent a dongle in Spain and stay connected a Internet. alldayinternetspain.com

    Spain is a dongle that works as a wireless Wifi, also known as Mifi Dongle. You will have the possibility to connect at least 5 devices such as smartphones, tablets, eBooks, etc… and it will allow you to surf the web with the Spanish 3G, a mobile device that will provide broadband dongle for your connection to the Internet at any time during your journey.

    We know you will need to surf the net at the hotel, but also in your hammock on the beach, during your visits to monuments or squares, restaurants, natural parks or stations… and we also know that you do not want to hear about annoying interruptions due to a bad choice in your mobile broadband connection.

    There are many positive aspects and uses you could benefit from our Internet dongle service because it is small, light and handy to carry, it will keep you connected to your family via Skype, WhatsApp and you can even publish your trip in your favorite social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…

    Another main advantage present in the Internet dongle is the easy connectivity between gadgets due to the wireless technology, it is also very simple to activate and put to work even for people without any knowledge about new technologies. 

    You can see in this video how to get our broadband dongle and how to book it in order to be connected since you arrive to your hotel, country house, friend’s house or any other place you have chosen to stay during your visit to Spain:


    This is very simple
    ; you just need to turn on your AlldayInternetSpain wireless dongle and then just find our wifi in your phone, laptop, tablet…, so you can connect to it by introducing the password found in the same packet.

    If you visit Spain
    for working reasons or just for pleasure, AlldayInternetSpain allows you to stay connected to the Internet in a simple and cheap way, 24hours a day if you rent our wireless Internet. From 5€/day, taxes, delivery costs and return costs are included.

    The following link explains step by step the functioning of AlldayInternetSpain: How It Works 

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    • Simon


      18 Junio 2013 at 02:45 |
      Wow this looks great! I'm going to Spain this Friday so I will arrange to have one of these delivered to me!
      Thank you so much for your post!
    • kieran


      09 Agosto 2013 at 05:05 |
      Can i arrange to collect one at Malaga Airport

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