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    Spain has over 2.000 villages with its own traditions, history and attractions for the tourist, so you can imagine the great amount of charming corners which can be found outside our “Top 10 Charming Villages in Spain”. This is a selection to help you find some of the most beautiful corners of our country, the ones any visitor should experience. History, irresistible landscapes, culture and tradition, friendliness of locals… We refer to fishing villages; mountain, medieval villages; white, flowery and colourful villages, small villages and municipalities where you can discover during several days, and above all, away from the typical crowds from tourist places full of people and noise, and they are perfect to evade from the daily life, to escape from the routine and to time travel.


    Cadaqués - Photo Hansvandervliet / CC BY 3.0

    We hope village lovers can understand the many villages that are not included in this post. “Top 10 Charming Villages in Spain”:

    Cudillero – Asturiasenlace: We start in Asturias, a region full of fishing villages like Cudilleroenlace. This village is built like an amphitheatre over a hill made of three small hills, full of narrow streets and hanging colourful houses which protect its beautiful fishing port. We recommend you enjoy the gastronomy and sea products found in many restaurants and cider bars within the port area, and if you have the opportunity you should have a walk across this place at night. Lights from houses in the dark and the nocturnal environment which make this place a perfect place to spend an unforgettable stay.

    Santillana del Mar – Cantabriaenlace: Not far away from Cudillero, in the autonomous community of Cantabria you can find Santillana del Mar, which is a historic and artistic centre of the region, considered by many people a monument-village. Have a walk across the stoned streets, rest in its beautiful Tourist Hotel and do not miss its great attraction, the Museum of Altamira, a visitor centre of its famous caves which are considered to be the Sistine Chapel of Cave Paintings.

    Albarracín – Teruelenlace: Over 1.100 meter altitude, it was declared Historic-Artistic Set and aims to be declared World Heritage by UNESCO. Have a walk across its historic centre of this medieval city made of reddish roofs, discover its beautiful small palaces, go up to its walls to enjoy the dawn and do not miss its 14th Century cathedral, its outdoor cave paintings, gothic style monasteries or hanging houses.

    Véjer de la Frontera – Cádizenlace: You will be attracted by its popular architecture of Arab-Andalusian style, narrow and steep streets, or the brightness brought by its immaculate white houses. It is close to the coast of Cadiz and the river Barbate, presumes of a lovely castle of Arab origin, its fortified area, the Jewish Quarter or its charming Plaza de España (Spanish quarter), which is well-known as “La Plaza de los Pescaitos” (Fishes Quarter) by locals.

    Fuenterrabía – País Vasco (Basque Country)enlace: This is one of the most charming villages of the Basque Country located 25 kilometres away from San Sebastianenlace and only 4 kilometres away from the French frontier. It is also known as Hondarribia, the name in euskera, you will be surprised by its old part to taste the worldwide famous tapas of Basque gastronomy, its perfectly preserved wall, its baroque houses which are mixed with flashy colourful balconies, its beaches or fishing port. Take a boat that will cross you to the Hendaya. You can take it every 15 minutes and it is a beautiful experience to complete your stay in this location. 

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    O Cebreiro – Lugoenlace
    This is a perfect destination if you travel with kids, due to its uniqueness and charm of its “pallozas” (popular buildings of pre-roman origin which have been used until recently). If you travel to Galicia, you should know this mountain small village could be the setting of a tale and it is a tourist attraction for many travellers during the Camino de Santiagoenlace.

    Cadaqués – Gironaenlace
    This is a natural location of Cabo de Creus; a really beautiful small village which is surrounded by wild small bays and islets, and it has been selected as holiday inspiration location for artists like Picasso or Miró. Its old quarter is full of a street labyrinth where its uniqueness can still be found and the old road surface known as “el rastell”, or the buildings of modern style sea front, has made this locality one of the most beautiful of Costa Brava.

    Deia – Mallorcaenlace: Located in Tramuntana Mountain Range, this village is possibly the most beautiful one in Mallorcaenlace and the resident location of artists, musicians and writers who throughout history have chosen its landscape beauty and extraordinary peace. This is a postcard village which is characterised by its terracotta tiles and the bohemian lifestyle of locals. You should visit its wonderful bay where you can enjoy the calm waters of the Mediterranean Sea or discover the great amount of paths found in its surroundings which are marked for tourists.

    Castrillo de los Polvazares – Leonenlace: 5 kilometres away from the city of Astorga, Castrillo de los Polvazares attracts tourists throughout the year due to its charm found in its stoned streets, its Castilian buildings which are the most beautiful and best preserved examples of popular architecture from Leon, its big ramshackle houses made of stonework that share importance with the simple houses made of red clay, and mule driver tradition of locals (they used to trade with sea products coming from Galicia and Castilian products). Thanks to tourism boom, you will find quality restaurants to taste the most famous local dish: Cocido Maragato (Maragato stew).

    Tejeda – Gran Canariaenlace: 44 kilometres away from Palmas de Gran Canaria, this charming village located in the spectacular Caldera de Tejeda is a volcanic formation with impressive cliffs and inspiring landscape. This is the second smallest village of the island; however there are many tourist attractions: The eco-museum of the archaeological park of Bentayga, the Cross of Tejeda and the National Tourist Hotel, Roque Nublo (well-known rock formations as this is one of the archaeological tourist symbols), an ethnographic museum, medicinal plants centre, or the local craftworks and gastronomy.


    Santillana del Mar. Photo Nicolas Cherel / CC BY SA 3.0 


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