Resources to Save on Accommodation on Your Next Trip to Spain… and on Your Internet Connections

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    Are you travelling to Spain and you are seeking information to save money on your accommodation? This blog includes several posts with recommendations on hotels, Spanish youth hostels networkenlace, our campsite selection and ecotourism in Spainenlace or some ideas to spend a charming rural stayenlace…However, it is time to try other alternatives which have been increasingly used by tourists in order to find a bed, sofa or garden to campsite in return for nothing or perhaps for offering your house in case of needing it at any time.

    Are you willing to change your way of travelling? We are sure that low budget has nothing to do with spending the night at train stations, airports or for tourist displacements. Concurrently, internet boom as the key element in the organization of our trips has developed great amount of webs, resources and platforms where you can find different, affordable and ideal accommodations if you prefer to spend the accommodation budget on other things as well as to expand your contact network across the world.


    You have surely slept in a sofa many times
    am I right? This is the idea that the network Couchsurfing in Spainenlace provides you. Sofa and trips community has currently 7 million followers who offer you their sofas in 100.000 cities worldwide. You can save 100% of your accommodation budget, with the advantage of meeting new people and mixing with their way of living. This special adventure will change your mind and you will think that hotels and hostels are impersonal and even boring.

    Would you lend your garden to a traveller who wishes to settle the tent in order to spend the night there?
    If you think about it, this idea can be an interesting way to meet new people from other countries. In Spain, there are many families who have already experienced it. Have a look at the web Camp in my gardenenlace and find beautiful private gardens where you can stay in Spain.

    rent mifi in spain and stay connected to internet

    Another alternative where you can save money on your accommodation is to offer yourself as the House keeper or Pet keeper on your holidays in Spainenlace. Many owners in our country have already joined the web and they offer their houses in return for taking care of their animals, cut the grass so you will find it perfect upon your return or simply to collect the post. Hospitality Club in Spainenlace is another good option. It was created to contact travellers worldwide and allow them to find accommodation while exchanging cultures and traditions. 100% fee and friendly. You do not have to offer your house if you do not wish to.

    You have surely heard of platforms like Airbnbenlace, which enables you to rent unique places in 190 countries for an affordable price, even WWOOFenlace, farms where you can stay in exchange for performing tasks in the middle of nature while you meet other travellers like you. or Home4Share are other resources that can be used in Spain. Change your way of travelling! People who have already experienced it agree: An experience worth to be repeated.


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    The most affordable option – Rent a Mifi in Spain from 5 euros per day

    Do you remember the last bill you paid after travelling abroad? How much did you have to pay? Your next trip can be different. AlldayInternetSpainenlace allows you to rent a portable Wifi in Spainenlace which enables you to stay connected to the internet 24 hours and anywhere, avoiding expensive roaming fees in order to stay connected to the internet outside your home country and without having to be dependent on uncomfortable and unsecure public Wifi networks.

    If you have decided to use other accommodation alternatives provided in this post, you have to make sure you have a good internet connection in Spainenlace which can enable you to stay in contact with your family and friends, seek information anytime you need, use travel apps or stay connected to your favourite social networks from only 5 euros per day. AlldayInternetSpain Mifienlace gives you the possibility of staying connected with all your devices at the same time (laptop, smartphone, video game, eBook…) or share internet signal with up to 5 travel partners simultaneously; this is a very interesting option if you wish to share internet expenses in Spain and save on your trip.

    rent mifi in spain and stay connected to internet

    Benefit from your next accommodation in Spain and feel free to comment your experiences and help other travellers to try this unique way of travelling! 

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